DFM Dairy Farm Manager

The integrated Dairy farm Manager system is a management system that allows you to have your milking system under control in real time wherever you are, whether at home or in the fields when you are working.

A management system for your complete plant, milking point management, alarm management, sms alert, remote connection, remote data storage server with i-AIR server, all your data will always be available for any eventuality.

DFM, is a management software, with the ability to view all milking data in real time, unique in its kind, allows you to connect all milking points with only 1 data transmission cable.

Daily report of all production, insemination, alarm and treatment lists.

Furthermore DFM is equipped with SMART AKTIVCOW, a data management system for the control and evaluation of the HEAT of animals.

DFM checks the water temperatures during washing, highlighting the inlet and outlet water temperatures and the circulation times.

DFM Dairy Farm Manager

In the rotary system it is possible to visualize the movement of the same in real time, both clockwise and counterclockwise, the milking attachments and the identification occurred are displayed in real time.

The central box displays the position (station number) that is passing in front of the entrance. The revolving number of the press is highlighted in the central box

If you press a station during milking you can view the essential data of the individual milking itself

- Milking time

-Milk production



-Electric conducibility


In the tandem system, in addition to all the parameters listed above for the other installations, it is also possible to view the opening of the gate, with the identification of the cow itself

It is clear from the red signal on the previous page that the gate has been opened through a green signal placed on the milking station itself

During milking you can see all the parameters themselves with the possibility of interacting in real time.


Real-time control of all data during milking, with alarm display and via the touch screen server system it is possible to select the animals to be separated after milking.





DFM parametri di settaggio per il sistema di alimentazione

Nel DFM è possibile impostare il tipo di alimentazione programmata desiderata


Curva di alimentazione individuale

Curva di alimentazione per gruppo

Alimentazione basata sulla produzione di latte

E’ possibile anche utilizzare DFM setting parameters for the power system

In the DFM it is possible to set the type of programmed feed desired


Individual power curve

Power supply curve per group

Feeding based on milk production

It is also possible to use the feeding method for all the animals present in the db

il modo di alimentazione per tutti gli animali presenti nel db



DFM setting parameters for the ATF + heat control system

The ATF + heat control system can be managed with different types of settings, in order to customize the system to the fullest

Each type of system has a dedicated setting as the system can be individually customized

In the setting screen some boxes appear, which we see in detail

1. Feeding Factor, is the factor that links the rumination of animals with the correct nutrition of the same, a parameter that must be higher than 15, the guard parameter, below 15 means that the animal is ruminating little and that it can have severe digestive complications.

2. Minimum level of rest, are the hours of rest of the animal itself

3. Activity level, the system declares what the minimum activity limit of the animals is

4. Comfort temperature, the maximum level is declared to consider the comfort temperature, the maximum temperature threshold before sending an alarm

5. USB communication port to which the ATF module is connected

6. Interval, the system considers a cycle interval to best deduce the heat received, the interval is calculated from the first day after the birth of the animal

7. Delta Interval, it is possible to increase the days of the interval by + / - the desired days

8. NSPI, Consecutive Alarm Periods to decipher the exact moment of heat

9. MLIP, Sensitivity Factor, the lower it is, the more sensitive the system is

10. AFIP, Average Factor, the lower it is, the more sensitive the system becomes

11. DNAC, Days for which the system does not give alarms after delivery, is after insemination

All these parameters are calibrated in a personal and different way from herd to herd, for the system it is necessary to work for 1 month of data acquisition before starting to give adequate alarms.

All electronic systems give an indication, do not rely only on this system but always rely on a veterinarian to verify the correct treatment to give to your herd.



Visualizzazione della Gionata tipo, con grafici eDisplay of the day type, with graphs and counters

Visualizzazione della giornata con eDisplay of the day with an overall list of animals






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