The business started out in 1977 with the manufacture of PANApuls, our first milk point, and with the setting up of complete milking installations involving the Miele brand and then also the Surge Babson Bros.Co. brand.

We later turned to the production of innovative systems for milking installations, providing the industry with

supporting technologies.

Membrane keypads for milk points, Use of temperature for draining water, first    introduction in the market of MMI Milk Meter Indicator Systems,  Use of the CANBUS system for the transmission of milking data in real time, Colour LED Display,  Smart Aktiv with Unifom Agri Link.

Follow our passion we have grow the line of the products;

Identification system with RFID and heat detections HTC

Individual identifcations for sheep and goats



Sofware development Herd Managment MPC , Automatic Feeding System

In 2015 and 2016 will be implemented new important devices and ideas in the line of the products , again advanced with new technolofgy on the market .